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God calls us as a body of believers to St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church (SALC) and blesses us with the opportunity to worship Him and serve in His Kingdom. Those called to this body bring a diversity of gifts that work in harmony toward a unified purpose. Jesus Christ reveals Himself to be the way, the truth, and the life. Trusting in the integrity of His Word and relying on his promise of salvation by grace through faith alone, in Him alone, the body of Christ at SALC is dedicated to fulfill His call to reach out to a community in need of His Way, to proclaim to a fallen world His Truth, and to live to the fullest His gift of a new Life.

Living Out Our Calling

Prepare the Way

We find ourselves in a culture that is increasingly in need, and yet increasingly hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All in our community need His saving grace but many are blinded to the truth, and belief is clouded by the skepticism of our material world. The Salinas Valley needs an invigorated cultural ‘soil’ that will welcome seeds of the Gospel and nurture them to eternal life. SALC is united and dedicated to the preparation of this new ‘soil’ through prayer for government leaders, service to those in need, and encouragement of the lost and lonely. From individuals to families to neighborhoods throughout the Salinas Valley and, as God calls, to nations of the world, SALC is dedicated to cultivating ‘good soil’ that promotes hearing and believing the Good News.

Reveal the Truth

As seeds of the Gospel sprout and flourish in this new ‘soil’, SALC is fully committed to nurturing lost souls with the promise of salvation through the cross of Christ. We present a Gospel that is heard and seen – a Gospel with the power to transform the heart and renew the mind – a Gospel founded on the truth of His Word that builds our trust in the Character of God.

Live the Life

Our church life seeks to build a sense of Godly community that is missing in our culture today. We come together in humility to experience God’s presence, to grow in faith, and live by the leading of His Spirit. Our life together is empowered by worship and prayer, our worship is centered on His Word and Sacraments, and our joy flows through praise and fellowship – all to the Glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

… to grow free and living believers into the Body of Christ.

God’s expectation for His children is that they would be continually growing in faith, hope and love, in so doing; we demonstrate symptoms of spiritual maturity. St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church will provide opportunities for spiritual growth through its Discipleship Ministry. Our educational programs are designed to improving the five personal qualities of spiritual growth: knowledge, perspective, conviction, skills and character.

Through the victory Jesus Christ on the cross we have been freed from the damning weight of sin that burdens our life. We have also been freed by the presence of the Holy Spirit to live our lives to the praise of our Savior through willing and cheerful service. We give glory to our Savior through Worship for all He has done for us. We do this by expressing our love to God for who He is, what He said, and what He’s doing in our lives. We freely choose to be God’s subjects under the authority of His Word and His Spirit, and acknowledge no other ecclesiastical authority or government greater than these.

St. Peter writes in his first letter “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” [1 Peter 1:3] The faith we have received is not just acknowledgement of a set of historical facts, it is also a living relationship with the Lord and Savior of the Universe. As those who are living in Christ, we demonstrate through our continued faithfulness to Him that we bear the marks of spiritual life.

as we are convicted by the truth of Jesus Christ, we develop skills and Christ like characteristics (the fruit of the spirit) that allow us to grow in a spiritual maturity that offers Service and Outreach to others. The Service Ministry of St. Ansgar’s provides opportunities and directs individuals to use their abilities, interests, talents, gifts, personality and life experiences to do God’s work in our community. Outreach Ministry is a continuation of Jesus’ mission on earth. God has called us to be involved whether participating in the great commission or living out the great command by serving the local needs of our community in reaching out to those who are lost.

As members of St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church, we strive to create an atmosphere of Fellowship to hold each other accountable, to hold each up in times of trouble, and to share our love with one another. The Fellowship Ministry provides opportunities to members and guests of St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church to gather and encourage one another in Christian love by becoming part of God’s family.

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