Youth Update- Winter 2022

Written By Rene Astorga

Praying for the Year Ahaed

We just wrapped up our year with the youth. I’d like to share with you the impact that you are creating by making space for the work of the Lord to be done. Thank you for snacks, thank you for the building, thank you for husbands and wives who release their spouses to be available for these meetings, events, and trips. You may not think of yourself as a supporter of mission here in Salinas but let me tell you that this is exactly what is happening. You are supporting a mission here. Right here. In the place where you leave. Young people are being worked with, and they need the Lord. 

No, there is no specific number on how many got “saved” this year, or last. But I can tell you that the stories they tell of being together in community, even from those who already attend at St. Ansgar’s, is touching and inspiring. The Lord is at work and helping us not just preach the gospel, but in making disciples. (Matthew 28:19-20). 

This year I ask that you would lift up a few spots for the youth. 

1.     Youth leaders. That they would be guarded, protected, discipled, and strengthened for the task at hand. And that they would experience the reward of the Lord for their help. 

2.     Youth aged kids, for true fellowship to rise between homeschoolers, and public schoolers, and between age and circumstance differences. May the Cross of Christ truly be our rally point. 

3.     FLY convention. That the Lord would prepare the way in finances but especially in spirit for the time that will be happening. 

4.     Evangelism/preaching – please pray for an organic ministry to rise which seeks out young people in our community and invites them into the love and purpose of the Lord. 

5.     And that no one would be physically injured during our youth games. 

YOU are making a difference. Thank you.

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